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Meteor Assault

We are pleased to showcase this recently completed “Meteor Assault” clip with Described Video.


Beyond Description is always a pleasure to work with, no matter what the project. Rich and his team create the perfect DV script, finds the ideal voice for each show and always, always, delivers on time.
Lisa TurnerManager of Post ProductionPaperny Entertainment


1. Great voice talent.

We use the best voice talent in Vancouver, a combination of voiceover artists and actors bring their experience and sense of story to the description and narration.

2. Great equipment.

We care about sound. Using the best mics, editing software and collective experience in sound, we will treat your show’s sound track with TLC. We also understand deliverables – levels, LtRt, peak, average, dialog norm … we get that.

3. Great scriptwriting.

A well-written script will fill in the gaps for the sight-impaired viewer, enriching the experience. Also, a properly written script will result in a much faster recording session, and thereby a faster turnaround for our clients.

4. Time sensitivity.

Your deadline is our deadline. We know that the successful delivery of your project can hinge on delivering the DV on time. We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to meet your deadline.

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  • Wonderful partnership with Sound Kitchen Studios
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  • Beyond Description keeps growing
    After over 10 years in the description business, Beyond Description keeps growing at a comfortable pace. We are a boutique shop, and we like being able to respond to our clients’ needs. Most of the work we do is from word-of-mouth recommendation, and we pride ourselves on doing great work in a templet manner that ...

  • Corner Gas Animated Season 3
    Beyond Description is pleased to be providing DV services to Sparrow Media once again – for Season 3 of CORNER GAS ANIMATED! http://sparrowmedia.com

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