Described Video

Described Video

We can provide Audio Description for your program, enabling those with sight impairments to enjoy TV, videos on the web and feature films. We can also provide other voice recording services, such as converting television and film to podcast format, narration or “extra-features” style commentary by directors, producers, actors, etc.

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We have been serving the Vancouver area for several years and bring our expertise in creating description narration that is cost-effective, and is delivered in a timely manner.

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Described Video is an additional narration that is added to the program’s soundtrack which is designed to utilize natural breaks in the dialog to provide as much detail as possible pertaining to things like:

  • What people onscreen are doing (action).
  • Who is talking (identification).
  • What characters are wearing or the surroundings (context).
  • Text, graphics or animations appearing on screen

The detail and amount of description used is determined by the amount of time that exists between dialog or other important soundtrack elements, and the information that is not already conveyed by dialog, music or sound effects present in the soundtrack.

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We believe that proper description should engage without distraction, detail and enhance without overtaking the program. We believe that description should not be devoid of emotion, nor a distraction to the listener. In many cases, we let the soundtrack do the work, and add descriptive narration to enhance the audience’s experience.

We believe that proper description should enhance without overtaking the program

Resounding talent

All of our talented voice-actors are veterans in the business, people who understand nuance of story and the description’s role in the story being told.