Beyond Description Sound Services, Richard Crooks, Vancouver BC

What we do

We are Beyond Description Sound Services, audio production specialists with years of combined experience in the field of Audio Description as well post production and other narration/voice services.

Our mission is to make television and film accessible to those with all levels of sight, as well as provide other voice recording services to the television, film and media communities.

Audio Description

We can provide Description for your program, enabling those with different sight abilities to enjoy TV, videos on the web and feature films as much as everyone else. We can also provide other voice recording services, such as narration, book on tape projects, audio tours, podcast production, or “extra-features” style commentary by directors, producers, actors, etc.

Synthetic Voices

Synthetic Voice-overs generated by software are now offered by Beyond Description – for the right project and budget. Advances in voice synthesis technology is always evolving, and is now viable for information-driven projects. Depending on your project and budget, Synth Voice may be the right choice for you.

How to get started

To get your job done in a timely manner, we will be asking for:

A good resolution version of your project in a downloadable, video file form (not a streaming link, please)
i.e. H.264 1920×1080 or similar – compressed to a manageable file size.
Please include your working audio mix on the audio channels, and a timecode burn at the frame rate of your project.
Note : A final mix of the sound is always preferred, however work can begin before the final mix is completed.

A production script of the show.

As soon as they are available, a text copy of the main title credits and end credits, in PDF or word format.

Timeline from picture lock, through to sound mix and required delivery of finished description.

Clarify if you require a voice track mixed with final sound, or just the voice stem alone – or both.

Clarify if there will be more than one version needed, and if various versions will differ in content or titles.

The network or distributor ‘s stated audio deliverables (pertaining to the requested audio format for the finished DV soundtrack).

A name pronunciation guide for any unusual names for the onscreen talent and credit roll.

Hear what we have to say :

Great scriptwriting – a well-written script will fill in the gaps for the sight-impaired viewer, enriching the experience. Also, a properly written script will result in a much fast recording session, and thereby a faster turnaround for our clients.

State of the art technology – we care about sound. Using the best mics, editing software and collective experience in sound, we will treat your show’s sound track with TLC. We also understand deliverables – levels, LtRt, peak, average, dialog norm….we get that.

Great voice talent – we use the best voice talent in Vancouver, a combination of voiceover artists and actors bring their experience and sense of story to the description and narration.

Fast turnarounds – Your deadline is our deadline. We know that the successful delivery of your project can hinge on delivering the DV on time. We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to meet your deadline.

Synthetic Voice Option – Depending on your project and budget, Synth Voice may be the right choice for you.