Rich Crooks has been creating Described Video (DV) since 2014 with a commitment to providing the best DV in the marketplace. As the company’s reputation for speed and excellence has grown, so too has the list of clients that the company now serves.

  • President and Lead Writer/Engineer: Rich Crooks
  • Scriptwriter and voice artist: Sandra Harman
  • Chief Financial Officer and Script Assistant: Carolyn Crooks
  • A diverse pool of fantastic Vancouver-based Voiceover Artists

Rich Crooks, Beyond Description Sound Services

Rich Crooks moved to Vancouver from hometown Calgary in 1991. He has been involved in the audio post-production business since 1994, when he moved from working as a technical engineer into the multi-faceted world of audio post-production. Rich has edited and mixed countless TV shows, radio spots, multimedia projects, musical projects and as well as working in the area of audio for film. In 2004, he began working in the area of Described Video part-time. Since then, he has written and produced many DV projects and it has taken up more and more of his time, leading to the formation of Beyond Description Sound Services early in 2014.

Sandra Harman is a talented scriptwriter and voice artist

Sandra Harman is a talented scriptwriter and voice artist who has been associated with Beyond Description Sound Services for many years. She has joined Rich on training seminars in the U.S. and has collaborated on numerous Audio Description projects. Her excellent use of vocabulary and attention to detail have served her well in her work with Beyond Description.